User Rating: 8.4 | Ace Golf GC
In Europe it's called Ace Golf, and I bought it for 20 Euro's in a bargain bin, as such I reckon it's been worth every penny/cent. The control system does take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, (practice, practise) it is a remarkably engaging little game. It's not trying for realism, you can get better shoes (to improve your control) and a flaming "fireball" to add a little zip to your shots, etc. But it's a worthy little game. This is one that does reward patience. Though my patent method for getting out of trouble is as follows: For the approach shot, click up two clubs, and add backspin. Then hit it to yellow flag as normal. In a bunker, use a sand wedge, add backspin and go two notches past the the yellow flag, or use a pitching wedge and go one notch past. If you're in the rough, go up three clubs with backspin. You can use a driver in the rough, but the results can be undesirable, learn to use the fade... It's a good game, but frustrating as hell to drop a shot on a hole you know well, which is why you'll keep coming back :)