Become one of the SWAT team and hospitalize the terrorist

User Rating: 8 | SWAT 4 PC
When you start the first mission it's kinda easy , you just have to rescue and hospitalize one bad men. Don't forget you must not kill the bad guy cause it will negate your final score to pass the stage. Try to shoot in the arms or leg and so on.

There are 4 member in the team and you can control one if you play solo the rest is by Al, You can equip them with whatever weapon you like and accessories like stun grenade or flame gun.

The total stage are 13 and each you have to complete 60% minimum or you will fail and have to repeat again, boring.

The first impression are excited because the atmosphere and the gun make you feel powerful and you will feel like in the justice league or something.

Special Weapon and Tactic you will have some fun with your brain when playing SWAT 4 , decide which strategy to use and where did the bad guy went supposedly.

Not a great nor bad game it just as SWAT usual