Not worth the $$$

User Rating: 7 | Swarm X360
I quite enjoy the try before you buy games out on Xbox live or any other platform for that matter. I decided to try out Swarm and I suppose the concept for some reason brought back some old memories.... it just felt old and boring.

The game is like a combo of lemmings and some wacked out group platformer. It might appeal to kids but for me, it just lacked the challenge that I look for. You basically control a swarm of 50 blue aliens that have to make it across the level. The unique thing about this game is that the swarm can work together quite well and despite the unison, it's easy to lose a few of them due to subtle variations in movement and momentum which was a very nice touch.

The graphics were probably under par for today's games and the music / sound was also fairly average. Nothing really stood out to me except for "Momma", which is the name of the mothership or whatever that you're trying to feed.

Overall, I wouldn't bother trying this game out unless you're really into platform games. Its cute but probably too destructive to appeal to fans of 'cute' games.