Nothing more than a waste of money for quick-lulz from the developers perspective.

User Rating: 2 | Surgeon Simulator 2013 PC
This game could have been quite good, but instead the developers decided to take the joke/parody side of the game too far. The unnecessarily complicated controls - though you may learn them - give rise to problems in controlling tools; so even messing around can be a pain.

The major issues are the fact that there is a serious limitation in movement when turning the hand. Not only that but controlling the height of the hand is immensely stupid - instead of a 2 button or mouse button combo for up and down, they instead opted for a single mouse button press (+ hold) which lowers the hand. The problem with this is that when you let go of the button the hand raises again - and not far enough. Big tools will not be raised high enough to clear the sides of the patient or the surrounding environment and in some cases fall on the floor - never to be retrieved again.

The game screams troll, an even though it is quite amusing when you get to grips with the controls, which can eventually lead to some laughs, it's incredibly short lived, over-priced and the amount of content is appalling.

For the price of this game, there are plenty of other games to get on Steam, which provide many more hours of game-play and a lot more fun.