Surgery version of QWOP. Awkward controls, you will most likely not do it first time but will be laughing throughout.

User Rating: 7.5 | Surgeon Simulator 2013 PC
If you haven't played the free version of the game which was released some time ago, then where have you been?!

A combination of the over-the-top gameplay and setting and the terribly fiddly controls make this a fun but frustrating experience. It being frustrating though is part of the ridiculousness of it all as you struggle to remove a guys ribs with a hammer or even a glass beaker if you're lucky.

You get a range of... 'tools' including a hammer, drill, bone saw, and in some levels, a tomahawk looking thing. Also a laser, scalpels and saw. Anything on in front of you can be used at your disposal but be careful as some careless movement can get your drill stuck inside his intestines and the loss of blood will increase tenfold.

There are 3 types of operation in 2 different scenarios. The first operation you will be doing will be familiar to some people from the free version. Yes, the heart transplant. Same deal, same process but more weapons of body destruction. Second is a kidney transplant. This one is a lot more fiddly as you have to remove the intestines and cut both kidneys away and replace them. Last one is the brain transplant. I'll let you work that one out. The second scenario is the same operations but in the back of a moving ambulance. A lot harder is nothing stays still.

There is also a bonus mission but I'll let you unlock that yourself to find out!

Your time as a surgeon awaits. Walk into the light....