User Rating: 5.5 | Surf's Up PS2
Surf`s up is a pretty simple game you plat through the stages collecting trophies until you have all of them and the extra collectibles. Basically all you do is ride a wave that you use to do tricks while collecting idols and point mulitipliers. Their are about three trophies in each stage like go through all the rings, getting enough points, or a certain time. Through out the game you will unlock new characters, boards, videos, and new stages for mulitiplayer. With each character their are new moves and taunts you can use. If you get your energy bar all the way up you can multiply your points for a three thousand bonus points for each move or you can use it to blow through walls getting about two hundred extra points. Sometimes you can be a real jerk to your friend by using your energy and crash into them knocking them off their board. Their are other bonus points to earn like go over the vine at the finish line or being first to the finish line. This game is a okay game for the weekend and for fans of surfboarding.