Supreme Commander is an absolutely fantastic RTS that surpasses all my hopes.

User Rating: 9.3 | Supreme Commander PC
When this game released a demo, I could not wait to download it and start building my army. When the actual game released I found that it was better than I ever could have hoped. I found that not only was the game the absolute pwn, but it was also better than the demo. The only con I could find for this game is the long build times, and the quick and painless action. All the units took minutes to build, and were destroyed very quick and easily. Until you could reach the highest build level, all units are either very easy to destroy, or impossibly hard to destroy. I found this out the hard way during a skirmish with the AI. The AI built a support command unit, that completely destroyed everything I threw at it. And it also destroyed my commander without breaking a sweat. And not only that, but it went on to destroy my teammates commander with half health remaining. But other then the shear difficulty, I had an amazing experience. If you have the hardware and the time, definitely pick up this game.