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I know this is hard to believe but 6 years old pretty much, but I'm suprised there is no discussion over the future of this series. This game in my opinion hasn't even been close to being matched by any other strategy war game. I'm also very confused as to why no really awesome mods like star wars units or something like that was ever created for this game. It had huge potential, then they release that pathetic sequel that really dumbed the game down....why did they take such a huge step back?

Yeah the game needs a powerful computer to play it the way it deserves to be played, a slower computer will have trouble having so many units on at once, not to mention the size of the maps.

I always liked being the arachnid units with the giant spider and flying elementals as well, the expansion though I think made it too hard, too confusing than the original, then you get the console sequel like I said dumbed it too the point any idiot can beat it in a few hours.

Why hasn't strategy games envolved? I dont consider star craft a good game compared too this, you cant just easily troll a bum rush win in this game map is too big you can easily get a few turrets in important defensive areas in your base area. Thats another thing I loved about this game is how big you can make your base, almost looks like a freaking city after a few hours.

*sigh* gaming hasn't really improved at all, no new genres, no new upgrades in technology that allows for bigger better more cost friendly games.