I don't own it but friend does I love it

User Rating: 9.5 | Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars PS3
My possible favorite on PS3 So much fun I could and have spent many hours in a row on it the multiplayer a fun the challenges are imagintive and definatly worth the price and don't forget that even if your on single player many people still play it online ( you will most likey need to perfect the art of flying goals but still fun if u haven't) A great pick up and play game or dive in to game.
You get a fair amount of cars to chose from however there are only diffrent in apperance there is no car stats system or make a car mode witch are all possibltys for a sequel. I would also finally like to mention the range of levels a soccer pitch, pirate ship and others. I believe that this game ( supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battlecars) although I believe it to be a brillant and entertaining game I think there is alot to be improved for a sequel like more cars with stats, maybe spin affecting the ball, a car maker, stadium maker, and maybe even a ball maker there is so many ways they could make that game and I hope they include all of these features can't wait and I hope it comes to Xbox as well for even more gamers to enjoy