Brilliant! So much fun for such a small price.

User Rating: 9 | Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars PS3
Not usually my sort of game but after becoming bored one night I downloaded the trial then soon after purchased the full game upgrade – it was that good.

Now I'm not saying it's perfect because there's currently a few network errors and small bugs but for £7.99 (around $12) it's excellent. Since Battle Cars is such a unique title I find it hard to describe and review but in simple term's its radio-controlled car football. To spice things up even more these RC's have rockets boosters and can perform some crazy stunts. Using the boosters you can have your car; fly, jump insanely high, perform backflips, frontflips, sideflips and smash up other cars and more.

It takes some time getting the hang of hitting the ball and can sometimes be a little frustrating. However after running through the tutorials you should be good enough to take it online. If that's not for you there are about 50 mini-games to keep you occupied. There's also a tournament mode which isn't really a tournament – it's just a set of games against AI players.

It's all about timing and once you finally do get used to it, you'll find yourself performing some impressive shots which can all be recorded with the Match Replay function. This was a tool used by the developers to capture game moments for trailers etc. They then decided it was a cool feature to include in the game and so you can edit your game footage and export it either directly to YouTube if you have an account or just to your XMB. While the replay feature is cool, its again takes some getting used to and it becomes very hard to edit. This is in fact probably harder to do than playing the game is. My advice would be to capture it, export it and then edit it on a PC.

Online is probably the best part of the game, you can go online with up to four local players which is very cool. You can also create a team which you can then take to participate in tournaments and ranked games etc. This is basically a really simple clan system but works well. Like I said earlier – there are a few networks issues but most of the time its fine.

Anyways I don't feel my review expresses the amount of fun you can get out of this game. Sometimes I find myself forgetting the score and just flying around doing flips with the booster. To truly find out what this game is like you need to at least download the trial.

Overall: Crazy fun, cheap, addictive, great game when you have friends round.