So so so so fun! I have played worse games for £40!

User Rating: 9.5 | Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars PS3
Wow, i downloaded the demo of this game because i was bored, little did i know how much i would love it. I quickly became hooked on the demo, and because of a problem with PSN i couldn't buy the full game, but after much torture and much playing of the demo, i got it and i havent looked back
Good points:
Minigames are clever and fun, online is a blast, different cars judged on shape and they are all perfectly balanced, a lot of skill involved, only £8 when many many full priced games have been less fun, the developers listen to suggestions for improvments on the forums, 4 player multiplayer offline and on, 5 star system for mini-games and tournament offer something past just completion, great sound track which even allows you to play your own music from your PS3, maps are intelligently made and all are fun, more coming as dlc, you can fly!
Bad points: Server browser is a pain, not enough maps or skins for cars, 2 of the mini-games are really frustratingly hard, after playing for a while, the hard AI setting can be too easy and there is nothing past it
All in all this game is a must have, by far the best game ive played from playstation network and that is saying something, its a steal for £8, hell it would be a steal for £20