Soccer... err... hockey... meet TwistedMetal. Without the guns. Single player mini games help you learn the ropes.

User Rating: 10 | Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars PS3
Single player mode is merely training for the real thing. ONLINE! Don't play the RANKED matches until you've spent some time in UNRANKED. Game is actively being developed still, as is evidenced by 2 software updates. They need to work out how to make joining teams and make that part a little less cumbersome IMO. Aside from that? If you like hockey, AND driving combat games, you should give this a spin. 1080p resolution looks darn nice, and the game's options allow you to play content from your harddrive. Online communication is easy using your BlueTooth headset and is embedded into the game. A speaker icon appears over the car with the 'driver's' name, which helps you know who's whining. Downside to this same strength are the guys who can't mute their headsets and seem to have serious sinus issues. One more bonus is the anti-Warcraftness of this title, in that each game is 5-6 minutes barring SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME!. Compare that to sitting in your chair for 5 hours straight running an 'instance'. It's not for everybody I'm sure, but if anything I put above sounded fun, go for it. Excellent value in the PS3 store 14.99 last I checked, 1080p resolution (if you can support that...), and customizable audio tracks. 9.5, but if they keep adding maps... 10.