This game is honestly the most exciting and most unique game i've ever played!And at such a low price!

User Rating: 10 | Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars PS3
Whats not to love about this game? It's got cool cars with rockets on them,it gets free and HUGE updates,the online is really fun,it supports 4 player co-op on a single PS3 online or offline,the singleplayer modes are a good way to learn to play,and it has Youtube support.
Gamespot have seriously underrated this game.I mean 6?They rated it a 6?!Whoever reviewed it must have been an Xbox fan.This game is an instant 10.
First,i'll tell you about the Singleplayer...
Singleplayer has two modes,Mini-games and Tournament.
Mini-games is a set of fun and short matches or objectives.This is a great way to learn and improve your skills,and you can also unlock new cars once you've completed a row of 5.Based on how many goals you've scored,cars you've dodged,capsules you've smashed etc,you will get stars.5 stars is the maximum for each mini-game.
Tournament is a mode where you will play matches against enemy AI.Once you've won a match,a new one will unlock.This process will go on till you unlock the final.And you also get rated out of 5 stars on how many goals you or your team mates score.
Now for Split-screen...
Split-screen is a mode which allows up to 4 people to play an offline match.You can select how many people are on each team,which arena you'd like to play in,and pick how hard the AI will be.Really fun with mates rather than playing it on your own!
Now for the best thing about the game,the online.
There are three types of matches you can play.Ranked,Unranked,and Team.
Ranked is matches were your stats will be shown on a leaderboard.Most of the time,there are skilled players who are hard to beat.
Unranked is just matches which you play for fun.No leaderboard in this.This is more popular than Ranked at most of the time,but not always.And the people you face might be slightly easier than those in Ranked matches.
Team is where you invite people into your team,or join their team.This mode has it's own leaderboard,so it keeps hold of your stats.
Now for the extras!There is an opportunity at the end of every split-sreen or online match to save your replay,edit it,and save it your XMB,or upload it straight to Youtube!Check the videos some people have made.They're really cool.You can also put music from your PS3 into the game so that you can listen to your favourite song while playing SARPBC.You can chhange the track in-game by pressing the left or right directional buttons to scroll through your list.There is an official forum for this game just like the one on Gamespot.Check it out if you have time!
Overall,this is my favourite game i've played so far.If your STILL not sure whether to buy this game or not,get the demo.It lets you play a few of the Mini-games and tournaments,and you get 1 hour of Unranked and Split-screen matches! If this forum helped,please give it the thumps up!
If you do buy it,i'm always ready for a match!