User Rating: 9 | SUPERHOT NS


Overall: 9/10

Super Hot is a really innovative shooter, I have to agree with the game on that. My main problem being the lack of music. Furthermore, the lack of variety in enemies.

The Gameplay: As the back of the box says, time moves when you move. This causes you to do many interesting techniques, to defeat many of the enemies you fight. I especially really liked how many items you could use to defeat many of the enemies. Those items can stun the enemies, so then you can grab their guns, and absolutely destroy them. The gameplay is where this game REALLY shines. But I can dream. Some things that would have been cool, would be more weapon variety. All you really get in this game is a shotgun, a UZI or at least I think it is one, a sword, and a pistol. It would have been much more interesting to have more guns to kill enemies with. BUT, without the limited gun variety, it wouldn’t make you experiment with your techniques. So that was just a tiny nitpick. Other than that, the gameplay gets a 10/10.

Music: There is no music in this game. I honestly thought hype music could have worked really well in this game. To make you pumped up to kill all of the grunts you fight in the game. Instead, there isn’t, which, at least to me, makes this game kind of creepy. As if you are just fighting grunts, by yourself, with no one around you. The same feeling I felt in Portal, and in Minecraft single player. However, what is good about having no music, is that you can put on your own music. Yet again, I felt when I was playing my own music, it didn’t fit the whole vibe of the game. Now realizing it I should have played hype music. My bad. Overall the music gets a 0/0. Because there is none, and if there is none then how can I grade it?

The bosses/enemies: In SUPERHOT, all you fight are the same red guys over and over again. It would have been nice would be to have more enemy variety, than just normal grunts. Like brutes that take more hits and do more damage. Or drones that follow you around and are much harder to hit. Adding on to my tiny nitpick, a sniper rifle could have been used to kill those tiny drones. Other than that the enemies are fine. They also have good A.I. for an FPS. There are no bosses so I can’t grade them. Unlike my Specter of Torment review, I will grade the enemies. They get a 7.5/10.

Atmosphere/Story: The main atmosphere/story of this game is, a computer game. That’s cool. I didn’t play this on a computer, but still, that is a very unique concept. Also considering that the game slowly takes over your computer, as well as your brain, also adds to how unique the concept is. I didn’t mention this, but I do like this concept, and I think it is executed amazingly. Both get a 9.5/10. That is because it is never explained if your friend is apart of the virus, or if he is not. That is it.

Final boss: Technically there is no final boss. But there is a final level, where you try to get absorbed inside a pyramid. It really challenges all of the things you have learned in the game. I’m just going to brush over it. Overall it gets a 10/10

To wrap everything all up, SUPERHOT is a really good game, I honestly think that this is a must buy.