Great Update!!!

User Rating: 9 | Super Street Fighter IV PS3
After Playing Street Fighter IV i was convinced that this was a fun way to bring back street fighter to it's former glory in the video game industry. Adding more fighters. more ultras, more rival battles and beeffing up online play has made this game very fun to play. However, the replay value is not as great as the original street fighter iv. In the first game, both the intros and endings were animated but the intros for this game were just still images.

This game would have gained a 10 out of 10 mark from me, but because there's no replay option for the endings and that the time and survival trials are gone this game feels a little bit of a let down. Unless, Capcom had decided to make those trials as downloadable content that would be a great idea especially since not everyone play online. But Playing this game is very fun non the less.