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i just picked thhis game up a couple days ago, and i came from Mortal Kombat. I decided to try out Cody. These puts are very different from MK. I can't seem to get Last Dread Dust consistently. Supposedly, Bad Stone--> LDD is hard, but i cna get that more consistently than just LDD, and even then it's only like 20% of the time. Every tie i watch my friend play he always gets it to work(he always uses it as an anti-air and everytime he calls the move out it, works.) 

Can anyone give me tips on how to properly execute specials and ultras in this game?? ii can get specials right most of  the time, but i would like to know how to do it all the time. am i supposed to do QCB,QCB, then MP+LP+HP immediately afterwards, or is the MP+LP+HP suppsoed to come out at the same time as the second QCB is inputted??

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You should do QCB, QCB+3punches. I think if you do QCB, QCB then 3punches afterwards you'll only do a hard punch or perhaps a Zonk Knuckle (Bingo!). You have to do it as fast as possible, but not so fast that it doesn't register, or too slow that it does something else entirely. Just spend half an hour in training mode practising it over and over again, sounds boring but better to be bored in training than angry in a real match. :) Ironically I tried playing MK after playing SF and literally cannot do a move lol. I can't get my head around having a block button or pressing back to forward without charging first lol.
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I feel you bro. If you are having trouble with the inputs, buy the 3DS Edition. All you have to do is tap the touch screen to do an ultras and specials. If you don't wanna do that, practice the inputs in training mode. Example: Ryu's Metsu Hakoken is quarter circle foward twice and all punch buttons. I would go with the 3DS edition. I don't wanna stress my fingers out.