Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Select the SSF2 (Super) version of a character

    Highlight the desired character, press Jab (Light Punch/X), enter the corresponding code from the list below, and press Jab. When a character is selected with this code, he appears in his original ''Street Fighter II'' colours.

    (L=Left R=Right U=Up D=Down)
    Ryu - RRRL
    Ken - LLLR
    E. Honda - UUUD
    Chun Li - DDDU
    Blanka - RLLL
    Zangief - LRRR
    Guile - UDDD
    Dhalsim - DUUU
    T. Hawk - RRLL
    Cammy - UUDD
    Dee Jay - DDUU
    Fei Long - LLRR
    M.Bison (USA: Balrog) - RLLR
    Balrog (USA: Vega) - LRRL
    Sagat - UDDU
    Vega (USA: M. Bison) - DUUD

    Contributed by: Marauder 

  2. Skip Fighters

    In Arcade Mode, once you see who's our next opponent, press Start in the second controller and select that character. Defeat him/her using the first controller and he/she will appear as if you have defeated that CPU controlled character. This doesn't work for the last boss, though!

    Contributed by: Saturn Urameshi 

  3. Fight Gouki

    To fight Gouki, whilst playing in the one player mode you must get at least 3 perfects and not use any continues. When you get to Vega, Gouki will appear to challenge you. Gouki has all of Ryu's moves plus an air fireball and a teleport and is very hard to beat. If you manage to beat him you will get a slightly different ending.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  4. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish the game with Turbo and Super versions of all characters, then highlight Options, hold Y and press Start Dip Switch Menu
    Highlight Options, hold Z + L, press A Extra Options
    Highlight Ryu and press all 3 Punch buttons + Start Play as Gouki
    On Dip Switch menu, change switch ''28'' (the switch in the 3rd row, 9th column) to ''1'' (enabled). On the character selection screen, hold Start and press all three kick buttons simultaneously. Play as Shin Gouki
    On Dip Switch menu, enable (set to ''1'') dip switches ''27'' and ''28''. Switch ''27'' is the switch in the 3rd row, 8th column. Switch ''28'' is the switch in the 3rd, row, 9th column. At the character selection screen, hold Start and press Medium Pu Play as Tien Gouki

    Contributed by: Marauder, Akiman, Gouki_ 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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