Super Stardust makes its way to the Vita....with its flaws.

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Stardust Delta VITA
When i first sat down to play Super Stardust Delta i was expecting an awesome twin stick shooter with great graphics for less then $15. im glad to say that Super Stardust Delta is still one of the best Vita games out to date.

When you first get into the game you will see three game modes: ARCADE mode makes you complete planets similar to betting a level in another game. You play through planets to unlock Mini-games and more planets. PLANETS mode makes yo only play on one planet and survive for as long as possible by getting your multiplier up. The last mode are the various MINI-GAMES. There are five mini-games to test your skill while utilizing the Vita features like: touch, tilt, using the back pad and the front touch screen. I found the MINI-GAMES to be fun and challenging but not as addictive and high score chasing then i wanted it to be but if your a fan of getting high scores then you will enjoy these.

One let down for me was the rear touch pad. using it for black holes was a terrible mistakes as you can accidentally activate one by accident.

Any one SSD is still a great game which plays great thanks to the Vitas dual analog sticks and for less then $15 it can easily be one of the best games out for the Vita.