Before you guys start thinking what an idiot I am, please, hear me out.

User Rating: 5.5 | Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu SNES
After playing the first Super Star Wars game I was genuinely excited to try this one because I kind of liked the first game and this one should've been a huge improvement. Sadly, the key words are "should've been".
A good sequel should solve the problems of the first game. Super Star Wars had the following: repetitiveness, insane difficulty, frustrating platforming and awkward boss fights. Sadly, the sequel has improved absolutely nothing. The levels are still repetitive and too long, sometimes. The difficulty is not that bad, it is far far worse thanks to the welcome addition of more cheap unforgiving enemies (the award for the most cheap attack goes to the vampa monster from the Hoth levels who stuns you with his ice breath and then takes shots at you). Platforming has, again, become more unforgiving - ice levels torture you with platforms that you slide on, last levels of the game just torment you with some more glorious "faith jumping" and horrible platforms which are placed 3D-like making you miss because you've jumped on their side part. Last, but not the least, - the boss battles are absolutely abysmal. They still have no tactics involved yet they have become much much harder.
Also, I complained about the blaster being overpowered. This is a problem the game resolves. The blaster is absolutely useless (except for one boss battle you will never need it).
Of course, the game has its moments. The great Hoth flying level makes you hope that all flying levels will be awesome but that hope is shattered once you get to the Millenium Falcon level. The level where you play as Chewbacca shooting ugnauts on Bespin is actually good. Also, every Dagobah level is quite enjoyable. There are also some bearable boss battles - fighting Darth Vader is hard but a lot of fun.
In the review of SSW I said that despite all the flaws of that game, I was having fun. Here, I wasn't. I was struggling with the level design, the unforgiving platforming, overpowered enemies and those things killed Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for me.
P.S. The amount of positive reviews that this game gets do surprise me but I do not disagree with them. I would like to stress that this is my personal opinion. If you like this game, don't be angry at me, kay?