They struck back alright….

User Rating: 8.6 | Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu SNES
The second in Super Nintendo’s Star Wars trilogy, Super Empire Strikes Back imitates the movie in that it vastly improved on the original. This is still a 2D adventure, with good graphics and sound, and the same style of gameplay, but the action is more intense, and the storyline just as immersive as the movie.

Luke Skywalker, hero of the Rebellion, must survive an attack by the Empire at the Rebel’s secret base on the ice planet Hoth. After fleeing this ambush, he must find the Jedi Master Yoda, somewhere in the jungle world of Dagobah, to begin his training as a Jedi. Meanwhile, our favorite scoundrel, Han Solo, is busy rescuing the Princess Leia, escaping through an asteroid field in an attempt to hide from a fleet of Star Destroyers. They lose their pursuit, and travel to Bespin, to seek aid from Han’s old gambler friend, Lando Calrissian. Imperial forces had already landed, though, and led by the evil Sith lord Darth Vader, have a surprise party waiting for them. Luke senses this through the Force, and prematurely ends his training to help his friends. The end result is an explosive confrontation between Luke and Vader, combining lightsabers and the Force. What I find incredible is that the preceding is not only a running script of the movie, but also what the player must endure in the game!

Fans of the movies will surely be entertained by this jewel. Although the difficulty level can be seriously frustrating at times, getting to the final sequence is well worth it. Super Empire Strikes Back is a definite treasure. * * * *