Games like this paved the way for decent sports games that exist today.

User Rating: 8 | U.S. Championship V'Ball NES
Okay before we get into the details: remember that this game was made long before the days of motion control, dual layered blu-ray discs, downloadable content or real-time video/voice interactivity. Back then there were 2 buttons, one major system & no save points. So if a game was fun then it passed the one big test: It was fun.

Audio: It was tolerable. For being on the original NES that's saying volumes. The pre-match music actually kinda made you look forward to the game. The in-game music didn't hinder or distract from the game. The post match song accurately reflected the result. All without being obnoxious. For the NES that's revolutionary by today's standards.

Visual: It looks as good as the animation frames could. The background doesn't move so at least you won't be distracted. The characters are so stereotypical it's actually pretty funny. The team from the far east is blonde haired and blue eyed. Gotta love the surfer stereotype, eh dude? The characters don't lag or come apart mid frame. It holds up better then some N64 games or XBOX games then I cal recall (superman?????).

Controls: Well it has 2 buttons and is decently responsive. Be grateful!

Gameplay: It's fun. Back then if it wasn't, it would fall in the bin next to games like "The Bernstein Bears Math" or "Mario is Missing". If you drop expectations You'll enjoy it. Four guys who are totally identical regardless of national origin or age that all look like Brock Lesnar is worth at least a good once over.

Bottom Line: Grab a beer and a good friend who enjoy's goofy stuff. You'll dig it!