Someone's been criticizing my negative reviews so I deiced to review something I like.

User Rating: 8 | U.S. Championship V'Ball NES
The only reason I bought this game in the first place was because I mistook it for Super Dodgeball, but it's certainly a mistake worth making.

The graphics look nice with tons of variety in the courts from Daytona to Las Vegas.

The sound is superb with lots of great music particularly the Daytona stage.

But most importantly, the game play is fun and the competitive multiplayer is a must! You choose from 1 of 4 teams including Billy & Jimmy of Double Dragon Fame to duke it out on beaches or just cities all over the U.S. It get's pretty difficult but I find it just fun to play regardless.

This game also supports 4-players with the use of a multitap, I haven't tried it but if it's anything like the 2-player it must be a blast!

In my opinion this is the NBA Jam of NES, plus it's super cheap.