User Rating: 9 | U.S. Championship V'Ball NES
I remember this game as a child! My family always played Volleyball with all the members at their church and boy, was that not the most fun we could have? Well anyway, I saw my family play this game on the Nintendo, and they were having a lot of fun! This was no ordinary Volleyball game; if you spiked the ball, it could knock the opposing players smooth out with great sound effects.

Story: 8/10
- The story is simple yet realistic, it could happen to you: The player takes control of a pair of self-described beach bums named George and Murphy who make their living by playing beach volleyball against locals. One day, they find a flier for a nationwide beach volleyball tournament offering the winning team a million dollar prize...

Gameplay: 10/10
- The gameplay is fantastic. The players has a variety of actions: they can serve the ball, serve the ball while jumping, hit the ball, a diving hit if the ball is far from you, the spike which hits the ball faster, and the "Super Spike" which causes the ball to not only go much faster, but can knock people slam out that try and hit it back! So these are all things that are in any Volleyball game in general but, the one thing that is different is the ability to knock people out when spiking!

Graphics: 9/10
- The graphics are great; the players look good and the background that concerns with the country you play in the game. For example, if you have a match in India, you will be seeing those famous Buddha statues there in the background.

Sound: 10/10
- The sound effects gave ordinary Volleyball games a new face! I loved the sound effects of when you Super Spike the ball; knocking someone out, especially when it shows the famous word: "KABOOOM!!" like a comic book would do.

Overall, I give this game a 9 out of 10 because I just enjoy knocking people out with the Super Spike and watching the ball fly into the sky.