best N64 game of all time!!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Super Smash Bros. N64
the good
the bad
dont know
smash bros. 1 of the best N64 games ever made,it was going to be in japan only,but its sales were so good in japan it was made worldwide.
this is a true N64 gem(unlike oot or mario kart 64)and was gonig to bee called dragon king:the fighiting game but was changed for unkown reasons.
the game has great moosic became a players chioce title on dec 26 2000
and is the best N64 game of all time
gameplay 9/10
music 10/10
plot 0/10 no plot at all
voice 6/10 graphics 7/10 best on N64
overall 10/10
overall its very great if u wonder who is better mario or link u can finaly find out!!!!!!!!!! thnks you for reading this reveiw p.s.sure it might not be as good as final fantasy VII or crash bandicoot 3 but its great overalllllll for some reason im bored...