This experiment may have a good future.

User Rating: 5 | Super Smash Bros. N64
It's the Nintendo 64, and Nintendo is losing momentum in many places of the world, and the hype its highest rated title from 1998 is not helping at all anymore, and a cancelled Earth Bound and lack of Metroid attention is haunting them.

So what does Nintendo do? Make a party game where a few of their game creations battle it out to see whos best against the Master hand! Use your Nintendo favorites and get into a four player Smash to knock your opponent out the arena!

It was something that grabbed a lot of attention. The game was to be Nintendo greatest experiment, and it ended up being so in the end, although a few hicups were done along with it.

Super Smash Bros. is a Party game that hybrids a bit of fighting. With a heavey emphasis on knocking your opponent out the ring by hitting him enough to raise his/her PERCENTAGE points and then do an attack strong enough to knock them off the field as many times during a time limit, or having lives during a match of how many times you must knock out each other to win, instead of an actual energy or life bar, or other fighting game mechanics at the time.

The King of Fighters of Nintendo, also has a Single Player mode which you fight the Master hand. The game is not too bad looking for an N64 game, and has a few modes to play around with, you have a few star characters unlocked from the start, and several unlockable characters, each with their own unique moves in battle.

The items inclusion to separate it from other games, which can be turned off, are interesting indeed, but heavily unbalanced and it;s usually the race to get them first, but you can have fun with them. As for competitive without items, I would not really even try, this is not a fighting game and without items it shows how shallow the game is.

The Combat itself reminds me of Mortal Kombat 4, where the movement of the characters seems fine enough, although in this game there is some frame rate issues and some slow down, but when you attack it looks like you are set to turbo, and it looks fake. Your attack looks super fast for no reason and all the moves are like that, like there isn't a smooth pace for the attacks, it's just people jittering around and in cases shooting 400mph laser beams at eachother. It's all very odd. But still, like I said, this isn't trying to be a fighting game, but It still makes for a uncomfortable experience.

The Single-player mode includes fighting certain characters, to fighting dozens of characters and needing to defeat them all in one go, to platforming minigames where you try to hit all the targets, to racing to the exit.

Platforming in this game is just as broken feeling as the combat, you go from ground to jump in like 1 second, and then at the top of your jump it feels as if you are pushed down by something, like there is something preventing you from jumping higher than you should, and this bit is even worse when there is some lag.

The game is good fun, but it needs several improvements, but it makes good use of the four player controller ports on the N64, and is goof fun for a brief amount of time. Completing the SP with each character can add to the replay value as well.