The game that started what is probably the best fighting game series of all time.

User Rating: 8 | Super Smash Bros. N64
Highs: Good gameplay, decent controls, good graphics for N64 standards, excellent unlockables, excellent music, good character selection, a classic.

Lows: Some stage designs have not aged well, and that's to be expected.

Verdict: A game that N64 owners should pick up and play with friends.

Back in the 90s, The fighting game genre was on the rise with franchises like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Tekken and Virtua Fighter. After teaming up with Rare to make the Killer Instinct games, Nintendo decided to do a fighting game by themselves, putting in their most famous characters with Nintendo themed stages, and what was the result of this? Super Smash Bros., released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. In SSB, you have a selection of famous characters like Mario, Ness, Samus Aran, Donkey Kong, and much more, to duke it out in arcade mode on each difficulty setting, or with 3 other friends to see if you can kick their butts too. The stages are designed after locations in famous Nintendo franchises, with excellent themes and with some awesome tunes as well. Captain Falcon and Luigi are unlockable characters in the game, when you complete arcade mode a few times. The gameplay in SSB is pretty solid, as you can pull off lots of moves against another character in the game, and it still controls just fine as well. SSB is a fine fighter, but there are some problems. The stage design on some of the stages hasn't aged all that well, but that is to be expected, along with control mechanics like running and jump-kicks. But overall, Super Smash Bros. has held up after 14 long years. If you own an N64, pick this game up and get some friends to join you too. Don't miss out on a fun time.