Doesn't Hold Up to its Shinier Successors

User Rating: 7 | Super Smash Bros. N64
This was the very first video game I had ever played in my life, so I do love this game. Although if I'm going to be honest, this game, compared to its sequels, isn't that great. The graphics are (let's face it) abysmal and some of the controls can become awful at times, but the game is still a truckload of fun. I have played all of the Smash Bros games from this up to the Wii U version and I would have to say that this is the weakest of the franchise. Nevertheless, like I had said, this game still has a lot of fun to be had. Sure it has a tiny character roster with an even smaller selection of stages, but it's chaoticness keeps this game afloat. And, come on, it's popular Nintendo characters that are all fighting each other to knock them off of wacky stages from notable Nintendo franchises. The Smash mode is actually still to this day extremely fun on this classic and even more fun if you are playing with multiple people. Apart from the main mode, Smash, Classic Mode is extremely fun. Unfortunately, unlike the other Smash games, nothing changes in terms of the levels each time you play Classic and it becomes quite repetitive. Even then, Classic Mode is always fun to beat over and over again. The items in the game are pretty good and well balanced. And while I know that it would probably be too much on the game, I sort of wish that there was a wider array of Pokémon in the poke balls. In the end, Smash Bros 64 is a fun, albeit somewhat lackluster, game that doesn't quite live up to the bar that its sequels set for Smash Games. It still offers hours of enjoyment for gamers who like to return to the classics. You would probably have more fun with the other Smash Games, though.