SSB 64 is a great start to the Smash Bros franchise.

User Rating: 8 | Super Smash Bros. N64

This is going to be a back-to-back review of SSB64 and SSB4 to celebrate the 3DS release of the game.

Super Smash Bros was created in 1999 by our lord and saviour, Masahiro Sakurai. This game was inspired by the fact that kids like to use toys to fight each other. Sakurai took this idea, added some Nintendo characters and made the popular fighting franchise, Super Smash Bros. There are 12 playable characters with 8 starters and 4 unlockable characters. The objective of this game is to build up the damage meter by attacking the opponents and when he/she is at a high percentage (e.g. 127%), use the Smash Attack to send them flying out of the arena.

The playable characters include people such as Mario, Link, Samus and Pikachu from their own franchises. There are 9 stages in the game with 8 starters and 1 unlockable stage. There is also a single-player mode (AKA Classic mode in the later games), which allows you to go through a number of stages while defeating characters, going through bonus stages and finally going up to face Master Hand. There are bonus modes as well that let you play Board the Platforms and Break the Targets respectively.

While this game does not have that much to offer in terms of single-player, it is a really fun fighting game to play with other people. This game got popular enough to spawn 3-4 sequels of the game's franchise. This game is one of the best N64 games ever created. If you have not played it yet, it is available on Wii Shop Channel online and you can get a ROM for the game. This is great multiplayer fun for fighting game fans and people who love a great 4 player action game.