SSBM is so good.youll want to buy more controllers if you dont have 4 already!

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Smash Bros. Melee GC
this game is AWESOME!i love it.alot of people do.the game is great overall.but there are downsides in a its like the first.but its WAY BETTER.more characters,maps,and they added stuff like missions.this game also has events that let you do MISSION like stages.and they added adventure mode.witch is trying to complete the objective in the time limit.the game is perfect for anyone with a gamecube!the game also has broadband you can play online with other people!i dont have that feature so i dont know what its like.also the graphics are updated so they look great!and the sound is FANTASTIC!go buy this game and go buy more controllers!youll need them! trust me!