Super Smash Brothers is where your character battles come are settled once and for all.

User Rating: 9.4 | Super Smash Bros. Melee GC

Smash Brothers has many fighting avenues to play. First, you have the classic 4 player melee which is hundreds of hours of fun. Next, you have the adventure modes which puts together some what of a story with your favorite character. Finally, you have other more challenging modes which really challenge your skill in the game. Even though the moves are simple to execute doesn't mean that there isn't strategy to the game and for a fighting game its a little more than just button mashing.


The graphics for each level and character are just like they are in each of their respective games. Lots of detail was put into each character from the denim of Mario's overalls to triforce on Zelda's hand. --Sound--

The sound of this game is great. All the sounds effect make an impact on the feel of the game and each level has its own music from each of the video games.


This is definitely one of the best multiplayer fighting games with over hundreds of hours of melee fun.