The unsoundness of the adeptness of this new addition to an otherwise dull series makes me expound in exasperation!

User Rating: 4.5 | Super Smash Bros. Brawl WII
The Super Smash Brothers series has gone on for almost a decade now. Games have risen up and taken the game by the neck and throttled it into the laying corpse it is now. Let me clarify this bold statement:

The Graphics: Not up to standards on my ultra-high definition television. I have yet to see Nintendo pull a rabbit out of its hat in terms of cinematic quality.

The Gameplay: Now to the meat of this Nintendo sandwich. Well what can I say? Can Nintendo carry on the legacy that is "Super Smash Bros"? Well the plain answer is "no". I miss the lack of action. While I am sipping my chilled beverage with my buddies, I sense no need to pick up the controller. Why some people might even say they control themselves!

The Sound: Youth is a fountain of 8-bit tunes for me. I remember being in my den with my old Super Nintendo and playing good games like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG (not the sell-out one that was called "Paper Mario". The tunes got stuck in my head for days, amid the indie-rock tunes of my youth. Speaking of which, I have Dolby 7.1 surround sound and I have NOT got my money's worth from this game. The sound comes out 8-bit, and it stays 8-bit! I would even dare to say that it is 128kps-quality and mono!

The Presentation: This game presents itself with a flair of ignorance towards its group. The colors do not match well. I would know since I recently graduated from a Liberal Arts College. The color wheel was NOT put into effect here. I would even dare to say that color was an afterthought! Black and white would not have helped even. This is more comparable to a B-movie than an Eraserhead or Citizen Kane.

Overall: I feel this game has an air of disappointment wafting about. It rises to the rafter and settles, leaving the smell there for days. I will return this soon, and I will spend the money on clothes or something else needed.