whats the matter scared?

User Rating: 10 | Super Smash Bros. Brawl WII
Damn gamespot! jus truined all my text i had it finished and it deleted everything cuz of a 404 error! well smash is to good to be rated and online is gorgeose, i can play wit my dawgs in another state. My best friend just got it so i kicked his julio. I just thougt ichigo and R.Kelly would be good characters. Wolf is BA and hes just about the only dude i use. Really there is no point reviewing its game, whe nyou open the case angels sing. Ok maybe not but even so its perfect and you can spend a lifetime earning unlockables. so me and my buds gonna smash it up and my bro good to, not as good or maybe not even on the same level but good id good i guess. I hate the GS word limitations its so annoying, if there wasnt a word limit i would put
its Brawl, Nuff said
but that aint the case so ya know what i'll just fill it up with spaces if that even counts