This is a little twist to the usual peach getting kidnapped by bowser.

User Rating: 8 | Super Princess Peach DS
You play Princess Peach who has returned one day from a walk to find Bowser has kidnapped Mario and Luigi along with some Toads.You have an umbrella which talks to you and gives you advice the umbrella can also change form and shape to help you.As you collect coins you can purchase upgrades to aid you on your journey,This game is great along with peach's abilities she can get angry and start fire's,cry and shoot jets of water around,be joyful and fly,and become cheerful and regain health.This game is a must have for any Mario fan it really gives you a different view from the whole Mario saving Peach story.All and all this game is worth it so go out and buy it,its a great game entertaining and fun to play anytime.Princess Peach is really a great game it may take some getting used to but when you get what you need it can become very enjoyable.Really i can't really find anything wrong with it except the bosses can get somewhat annoying with the quirky controls and all but beside that its all good.