While fun, exciting and entertaining, if the turn based battle system isnt re introduced i wont buy the next game

User Rating: 8 | Super Paper Mario WII
When i heard about the release of the Paper Mario series on the Wii, i rushed out, bought it and immediately turned it on, expecting the same good old experience that has made me constantly get out my old disc, and nintendo cartridge to replay the previous games, but when it actually started, it was completely different.
it seems jumping and using 'pixls' is all you can use, unless your bowser. The always helpful and interesting sidekicks were scratched and replaced.
Although it wasnt all that bad the storyline was nothing compared to the others, like in the Thousand Year Door, while there were 7 stars to memory, you didnt just go there, you had to get there somehow, there were extra things to do, and it was longer.
It just seemed that it was a Paper Mario Wii version of the New Super Mario brothers, but you could look at the screen side on. and really if you think about it, that doesnt really make for the game we're used to.
So although the newest installment provides a somewhat good level of play and entertainment, it is heavily hindered by the loss of the brilliant RPG gameplay that veterans of the series love. It might be good, but why cut out all these other factors that made its previous games brilliant.