Overall, if you want a game with N64 graphics, bad gameplay, and want to waste money, this game is for you!

User Rating: 1.8 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
All in all, this game is nothing like the first 2! I thought the story part of it was going to add something to the game but it is so bad. It doesn't explain to you HOW to do most of the stuff in the story mode which gets confusing. All the best party games are back but they don't bring much fun. Race has 4 courses which all have the same look and are all played at night. It is not a good racing time. Target (which is my familys fav. game on 1 and 2) was completely messed up! You have to "unlock" new levels. You start with just one basic...very confusing course. It takes about 20-30 sec. to finish one round. After EACH round, you have to sit and wait for about a minute for it to load. Then, after all that loading...its the same dang level again! If you like target...don't buy this game because you will HATE it! Now, Tag which is a new game is the only fun party game. Run around the world running into ballons for points will shooting the others with nanas and bombs! Challenge mode sucks too. Its only 1 player for starts. Then, the levels are way to hard on even easy. Over all, I would wait for this game to get down to like $5-10 or just rent it. NOT worth the $40 I paid for it. The graphics look even worse than monkey ball 1! Don't buy!