Hey...isn't it like Sonic Adventure...only it's with Super Monkey Ball and it sucks in comparison...?

User Rating: 4.7 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
Oh boy, another Super Monkey Ball game, this time with Traveller's Tales screwing up what the previous developer did! But, how did it get screwed up? I tell you why; remember Sonic 3-D blast? All that developer did was take Sonic and put him in this puzzle/platforming game (and greatly reduced the sense of speed in his usual games). What they did with their new Monkey Ball game was put a huge, mediocre, frustrating, and not very inspired story mode in it, put in some 100 new puzzles that were akin to the series (although, I must say, beginner mode is too hard for beginners), put in three new and good party games, and making one old party game suck harder and longer than it used to. Would you like to fork over 40 bucks for THAT!?

As I said, the reason I don't like the story mode is because it's frustrating and boring (especially if you have to look at a loading screen, which shows the same picture depending on the world you're in). Monkey Target is such a disimprovement from the older Monkey Target that the older one looks like a masterpiece compared to this.

Is there anything that game has that's right? It has better graphics, 100 new puzzles, and three amusing party games. However, the better graphics don't have the charm from the older graphics and some of the puzzles will make even an experienced Monkey Baller cry out swear words.

I was disgusted at my brother for renting this gosh-awful version of Monkey Ball so much that I wouldn't recommend even renting it. In fact, no matter how shallow Super Monkey Ball uno is, it's a masterpiece compared to this. Ugh!

Oh, and all the monkeys sound like little monkeys, including seemingly tough ones like Gongon and the Kings. UUUUUUUUGGGGHH!