Why did they make a new super monkey ball if it was going to be this flawed, like with the loading time.

User Rating: 1.5 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
This game is trash and no one should buy this game, you should try and rent this game and see if you like (thats where i screwed up on). And travellers tales are a stupid company for doing this to a super monkey ball game.

Challenge Mode:

The challenge mode was the worst off all and the other super monkey ball games Challenge mode was fun and not frustrating. There is no new music to it and it is random, there is no bonus stages and no different tile sets after a certain amount of levels. There is not even info on how many levels there are or any fun staff roll credit games after you beat challenge mode. There aint even extras either, like WTF how could a game be this bad. The goal has no realistic movement and sometimes gets glitched up and my guy just goes right through the goal and nothing happens. The moving of the character is faster but makes it nearly impossible at the narrow parts that arent even that narrow. There is also in expert mode a level that is impossible where there is a bunch of plat forms that one side goes up and one side goes down and that is stupid. The graphics of the character are ugly too and the Narrator i just wanna kill him because his voice is bad, really bad!.

Party games:

Playing party games is even worse that challenge mode, the only good one is Cannon but they took out all the original ones like Billiards and i love Billiards. There is even the stupid music in everything as well and racing has no tileset design or creativity. Party games are Sh*t without doing story mode and the quests are not even fun and it is hard to find out where to go for a quest because there isnt a navigation point or indicator of where to go.

Story mode:

Story mode was the Okay part of the game (LOL thats why i put gameplay as 2 instead of one) but the way you unlock the game modes is frustrating and you can even go anywhere, your just on a very small island and thats it. (there may be more but i didnt want to play this game for long).

Graphics: Horrible

Overall gameplay: Bad enough to kill me

Party games: ruined

Characters: Whats the point?

The loading takes forever

No character poses

No monkey sports except for 2

Monkey Rolling: bad you move too far and fast for 0.01 seconds of tapping the control stick.

The rolling of the monkey is unrealistic as in the fact as going up ramps, you go up 1 ramp in beginner and you fly into another ramp and you still fly foreward like its unreallistic, like try throwing a ball at a 40 degree angle ramp, it will fly back or at least slighty forward.

Travellers tales didnt even check the game for glitches or even try to make their own custom sounds and level music.