A decent attempt.

User Rating: 7.7 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
Super Monkey Ball Adventure is actually a good game. The new chant system and the concept of enemies (the Naysayers) were good additions. Traveller's Tales put a lot into this game. The game's storyline is very touching and should remind any literature major of Romeo and Juliet. The downsides are the wonky camera, the difficulty of the puzzle levels and some of the monkey happiness challenges, the lousy party games, and the fact you need to achieve a certain cheer level in each kingdom to move on.

The camera system suffers from the same problems that were present in Sonic Heroes. You can move the camera with the C-stick, but instead of following you from where you placed it, the camera will just snap back behind you Monkey

The puzzle levels are easy on Jungle Island, but they are super tough on other islands. Some involve moving on a spinning square and you can't change the camera to see what's coming up and you have to use the radar. The puzzle levels also have an overly sensitive inertia system. The happiness challenges you do for the monkeys aren't any easier. Most on Jungle Island are easy, but those on other islands are way tougher.

The party games are poorly executed and the new ones are even worse. 'nuff said.

Overall, it was a nice try to give Super Monkey Ball a face-lift, but beneath the bitter rind of problems lies an adventure/puzzle game that even the most bitter of reviewers would admit that the game has some credit.