screwed up crap

User Rating: 1 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
this is the worst game in the monkey ball series. I have played this game for about 30 mins and it has gotten sucky by the minute. the chants are hard to remember and the party games suck ass. The high pitched voices of the monkeys are annoying as hell. The adventure mode never tells you how to go around so it gets confusing and annoying. It was not even worth the 30 bucks i spent on it. the races which are one of my favorites, are races in the night and that is not really the best time to race. Target is the other fovorite which has gotten so bad, i have started to hate the game, though i liked it through the other two games. You have to unlock new targets and you start with the worst of them all. The have a new game, tag, which is pointless, smashing into baloons and killing the other people. I would not have bought thi game if I knew it was going to be like that.