Terrible controls, repetitive gameplay, hideous level design, and horrid sound. STAY AWAY.

User Rating: 3 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
I'll get this out of the way early. Stay away. Now that that's done, let me delve into more detail.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure is one of the most terrible games in recent memory. Granted, I'm not counting completely bugging and fundamentally unplayable games, so I suppose it has that going for it. Super Monkey Ball Adventure boots up.

The gameplay in SMBA is maddingly tedious or frustrating depending on the area. Some times you'll be wondering why you still have the controller in your hand. I think I asked myself that question around the fifth time I had to run around in circles hundreds of times to unlock a door I unlocked a few minutes ago. Other times the game is completely unfair and unforgiving, whether because of the (lack of) control, or the terrible level design.

The sound and music WILL make your ears bleed and this is one of the few games that I actually hit the mute button to play it so I didn't get offended. Monkey screechs and talking can only go so far. After a while, it makes you want to hurt someone/something.

Every now and then you'll get to play the old Super Monkey Ball courses, but they are few and far between. When the game's redeeming features are that it is able to run (fairly) bug free and there are a couple fun mini-games...then you MUST know to stay away.

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