Dead Boy

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Meat Boy X360
My only real problem with the platform action genere currently is really that most haven't been very chalanging to me and some have felt almost the same, that is until this game. I've played plenty of hard action platforming games in my life but this game just about takes the cake; it's along side the indie game "1,000 Spikes" that game was also real tough.

The graphics are good looks a little like it could of been a computer game in the 90's. Mainly the joy is in the designs of the levels and stages which all are practcally death traps, make one wrong move even by mere accident and your dead. My faovrate level is the "Gameboy" world which looks great from the yellow screan, black and white texture, and the sound, it was just a great feel for me since I own a "Gameboy". Even the Hell level I thought was visually interesting, looked like something out of an episode of "Metapocalipse". I really love the cut scenes which are fun and unusal, really like how they pay homage to certain video games like "Ninja Gaiden", "Street Fighter" and others out there. And like how the characters are animated which are cute (or kinda cute) bricks with hands and feet.

Music I think is very good, my favorate tracks are the Gameboy level but mostly the Hell level that track I thought was awsome since I'm a fan of heavy metal. The control is solid, some might complain it feels a bit loose at times but that's because you move somewhat realistically. When you too fast it will be hard to slow down, it even efects how you jump whether high or straight, it's a matter of utilizing the right momentum for your character in the given sittuation so move and jump carefully.

And of course what makes this game truely unique as I've state before is just the simple fact this game is fraking hard, but that's the beauty. It really gives the game the throwback feel to some of those old 8 bit NES games like "Mega Man", "Ninja Gaiden" or any other retro games that were hard because they were the type of games where it was a players skill that would win and if you lost most of the time it was your own fault. I love that feel because that is what I believe is most important in playing video games.

Yeah, it's true in this game you will die a lot, but like the retro games I mentioned it's a mater of preserverence, you have to practice a lot to get it just right and that's a great feeling because not just is it your skill but it teaches the leason that practice makes perfect. And each of the levels really by there nature are really easy it just doesn't look that way, if you know all the right places to jump and move then you could get though each level without dying once (or at least not many times as before), let alone you find faster ways to win, at times I couldn't help but slap myself in the head when I realized (sometimes by accident) one simple move or place to be was all I had to do to win, that's another great feeling I don't get often. The boss battles are hard as well but on a reasonable basis and I like the fact that each of them are different like one is geting from point a to b, a race against time, and another is a game of finding the right order.

I don't recomend this game to rookies of the platform action genere, however I do recomend it too veterans and people with more experence in the genere, if your looking for a chalange then "Super Meat Boy" will satasfy your taste buds.