User Rating: 1 | Super Meat Boy PC
how is this even on gamespot?? this tiny dude made of meat and his stupid quest to save his soulmeatmate is one of the most absurd games i have ever encountered.
while i am a gamer and i love a good "different" game, besides those wild fps (which are awesome) i just can't understand why is meatboy rated over 2.

controls are bad, storyline is unoriginal (supermario much??) and wait!! this is also boring!! levels are all the same and the way meatball jumps is almost uncontrollable. also, when you are a meatboy it's obvious there are haters out there, so meatboy has an enemy: dr. fetus. he steals his girl every level when you reach her. so you have to practically reach her ever level only to lose her again to dr. fetus..ugh
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i don't want to guide a meatball..a squared meatball..throughout his dumb quest