Team Meat's first XBLA game aggresively holds on to the player, and never lets go.

User Rating: 10 | Super Meat Boy X360
Super Meat Boy takes great inspiration from it's predecessor, Meat Boy, and keeps everything that made it a hit. The game plays like a dream, and Meat Boy will go where you want him to go, when you want him to go. But the added bits are what makes the game so astounding. A difficulty level that allows beginners to be destroyed multiple times, but still see the checkered flag is a nice feeling, and mastery of the game supplies many rewards. Everything from collecting bandages to finding warp zones will take a lot of patience though. An amazing techno/chiptune blend soundtrack supports the addictive gameplay, and the songs will keep your feet thumping, and even if you hear it over and over, the soundtrack never loses it's luster after time. It doesn't hurt to mention that the game looks great, featuring a beautiful art style in game, and a cutesy cartoony style for cutscenes and menus. When I purchased this game at Christmas, I new I was in for a treat, but I never knew it would keep me playing six months later, and still seeing new and interesting things.