This is simply the most overrated game I've ever come across.

User Rating: 2 | Super Meat Boy PC
Firstly, I have played the flash version of this game, named Meat Boy. The same concept is implemented within both the flash version, and Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy does not necessarily require a gamepad or a controller to play. You can use your keyboard, and Mr. Meaty (that'll be the name I gave Meat Boy) will jump around all the same.

However, the flash version has a very frustrating nature by itself, why make another even more frustrating version named "Super Meat Boy" which ramps up the frustration level by 10 times?

Fun - Fun in a way that absorbs you in, no matter how much Mr. Meaty falls into fires, gets chopped up.

Artwork - Unique artwork. The game levels are really nicely drawn, while Mr. Meaty splatters meaty blood all over the level as he climbs walls, jumps over fires and of course rescues his beloved made-out-of bandages girlfriend which has been stolen from him by... A robot in a tuxedo.

Yes to Keyboards - Some games support keyboards, but using keyboards to play them is just the same as throwing your keyboard off a cliff and chopping both your hands off just because the controls are too difficult - ie buttons all over the place, making you really confused about what to press next. Super Meat Boy does none of that. Just the Up, Down, Left, Right keys, the Shift key, and the Space key does everything. Simple eh?

There is only one gigantic bad point about this game.
The difficulty level, the frustration behind it, the wrecking of your computer.

The difficulty level, as stated in the scoring section, is VERY HARD. Yes, this game is very hard. Perhaps it's just me who does not have the skills enough to play platformers, but seeing how I completed the flash version of Meat Boy, this game is punishingly difficult. It is even more so if you are aiming for an A+, to unlock the dark side of the world for more meaty goodness.

Even though the controls are very responsive on a keyboard, I still have a lot of trouble going through some of the levels, which would in turn lead to me dying over and over and over again, till I grow bored of dying, and press alt+F4 to completely end the game.

I am still stuck on the first world after 3 days of getting this game (I got it on 25th December as an Xmas present, installed it only a few days after).

My final verdict: Buy this game only if you are really bored, are really patient, and love meat.

Hence, I conclude my review.