Playing devil's advocate here by attempting to write a more level headed, objective that even possible??

User Rating: 8 | Super Meat Boy X360
Super Meat Boy is a highly praised platformer that cost 800MP/$10. However, it appears it may be on sale currently so that price may rise to 1200/$15. I felt the need to write this review, because all the written reviews are praising this as the second coming of Christ so I thought, I'd attempt to explain to some of you on the fence what the good and more importantly and far less noted, what the bad is.

-The game's charm is undeniable. The wacky characters, such as a protagonist made of raw meat and a antagonist that is an evil fetus in a jar, are a treat to watch in the cut scenes even if they don't have any lines of dialogue. You'll get some good laughs from this game. Not to mention the old school 2D 8bit graphics and suiting music have their own charm.

- It's a challenge. All too many times games are concerned that a high degree of difficulty will reduce it accessibility and appeal so they water down the experience so it can be played by everyone including your dementia ridden grandmother. The new Kirby yarn game is an excellent example of this.

-It's really long. There are over 300 levels that will require you mutliple play throughs to actually beat. Unlockable characters, each with their own unique ability, that require you to collect bandages or beat hidden levels. If that is not enough then there are global and friend leaderboards to challenge you.

-This is a trial and error experience to the max. The levels are literally seconds long and you die with a single mistake. So be prepared to do the same 30ish seconds multiple times. Some of the dark world levels literally probably took me 50 or so tries. If this sounds frustrating to you, buy this game with caution. When Tom Mcshea from gamespot said this game isn't ever frustrating, my aneurysm burst and I had to be rushed to the hospital. He is full of.... well you know. To beat the game completely, you will literally have several thousand deaths.

-The leaderboards are broken and it isn't due to cheating. Sometimes the game records you as having finished a level in 0 seconds. It has happend to me once and it kind of kills the experience of trying to get the best time and comparing it to the world.

- Most of the unique abilities that you acquire from the unlockable characters are completely pointless.