Those who don't like it, probably couldn't handle it.

User Rating: 9 | Super Meat Boy X360
Regarding the title - I'm no expert, my death toll is at about 600 right now.

So I had no idea about this game until I saw the review for it on GameSpot. I was not expecting too much from it and it seemed like a pretty standard platform arcade game. Things start slow but ramp up real quick. This game is going to test your limits.

There are levels in this game that are going to take 10-25 attempts before you can time that jump, or avoid a saw. Dying is not as annoying as other games because the levels are so short. It is all about the learning process as you go through each level. It is really rewarding when you figure out get through some of the hardest levels.

Like the GameSpot review said, each level starts to look extremely intimidating as you take your first look at it. But after a couple tries, you learn new skills and make your way to the finish.

There is tons of stuff to do in this game and there is a lot of bonus material to keep you interesting for hours. Well worth the 800 microsoft points.