Its me Mario!

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4 SNES
There were so many Mario Games its hard to keep up with but one game stands tall for me and that's Super Mario World this game had everything that the other Mario games did not hidden levels smoother gameplay multiple ways to finish the game and some of the best colorful graphics ever seen back then.

Super Mario Bros 3 had adapted a more non linear style which everyone loved but when Super Mario World came along the game world was like a maze and a very enjoyable maze at that. Level design was simply outstanding the amount of hidden levels and worlds was incredible finding keys on your way to unlock hidden areas and then there was the Forest of illusion in which you had to explore every minor detail of each level within the world to find the correct way out genius.

The game ran at a much smoother place then previous titles the control felt natural and not clunky and awkward everything came together so naturally. The music was also fantastic the game simply sucked you in and i constantly had a smile on my face every time i popped this into my Super Nintendo.

The introduction of Ghost Castles was every gamers worst nightmare and delight at the same time trying to find your way out of the Ghost House and always getting lost or coming the wrong way out so Mario never progressed to the next level.

Super Mario World is probably the greatest 2d platforming game of all time and much more deeper than Sonic, Genius