Super Mario World for the Game boy advance might not have multiplayer, but the game play is still innovating.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 GBA
Super Mario World was the first video game that I played in my life since I was only three years old (Christmas 1993). I remembered that I wasn't really good at playing it because I hit a koopa (turtle) when I was playing as Mario for the first time. We owned the Super Nintendo version, but we got rid of that console a long time ago. In 2003, I received the game boy advance version of Super Mario World for Christmas. It really brought back the good old memories when I used to watch my cousin Samantha play it at her house.

Presentation - There isn't much of a story, but Mario and Luigi travel to Dinosaur Island where they meet up with Yoshi. Bowser kidnapped Peach like he always does, and it's up to them to save the Princess. In this version of Super Mario World, there is no two player mode. Instead you can switch between Mario and Luigi anytime you want. Even in the menu it lets you know which bro or bros you cleared the levels with. The levels are pretty much names after every day foods like Chocolate or Donut Island. There are certain levels where Mario or Luigi can ride on Yoshi. When Mario rides in Yoshi, he just eats up the enemies. On the other hand, when Luigi rides on Yoshi, he just spits the enemies out. Also, the Luigi sprite has been redesigned to make him look taller and slightly thinner than his brother. The characters also have voices. When Mario or Luigi dies, he says "Oh Mamma Mia". It's quite unique because they didn't have voices in the Super Nintendo version of Super Mario World.

At the end of each level, each one of Bowser's seven Koopa kids is the boss. Some of their names were inspired by real life famous composers such as Ludwig Von Koopa being named after Ludwig Van Beethoven. Bowser is the final boss, and his dungeon is quite long and challenging to complete. After you defeat him, the credits scroll by and Peach says cleared instead of saying "help". The only multiplayer mode that this cartridge has is from Mario Bros. Yes, this cartridge has two games built into it. You still have to have to buy multiple link cables and copies on the game in order to beast your friends times. As far as the save system goes, you can now save at each level anytime you want. In the Super Nintendo version, you could only save your progress when you beat the dungeons.

Graphics - Mostly everything is pretty much the same as the original game except the colors are more bright and vivid, and the Luigi sprite has been changed as I mentioned in my review earlier. The level designs were very well thought out and it really feels like you're playing the original version of Super Mario World. Overall, they did a great job with the graphical updates, but some of the levels are a tad too bright.

Sound - Again, you get the same exact cheery Mario themed music with the addition of character voices. I personally think that the character voices make the game less dull with the sound effects, but others may be annoyed with the voices at first. The music itself may not be the best, but it still has a lot of charm and memory packed on it.

Game play - The omission of not having any two player modes is disappointing, but you can still switch between Mario and Luigi anytime you want. The controls are accurate and responsive like the original game except Luigi can jump a tad higher, and skids when he stops running.

Lasting appeal - It's only true that the Mario Bros. has four player modes, but it still doesn't last as long as Super Mario World. It will take you a long time to beat it.

The good - controls are accurate, the graphics and sounds are very accurate to the original game, game is pretty lengthy, has Mario Bros. for four player modes

The bad - no two player mode (Super Mario World), graphics are still a tad too bright, requires multiple copies to play Mario Bros.

Presentation- 10
Graphics- 8
Sound - 10
Game play- 9
Lasting appeal - 8

Gamespot score 9.0 out of 10