Super Mario World is a great game that has a long lasting value along with a two player mode.

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4 SNES
Super Mario World was the first video game that I played in my life since I was only three years old (Christmas 1993). I remembered that I wasn't really good at playing it because I hit a koopa (turtle) when I was playing as Mario for the first time. We owned the Super Nintendo version, but we got rid of that console a long time ago. It really brought back the good old memories when I used to watch my cousin Samantha play it at her house.

Presentation - There isn't much of a story, but Mario and Luigi travel to Dinosaur Island where they meet up with Yoshi. Bowser kidnapped Peach like he always does, and it's up to them to save the Princess. The levels are pretty much names after every day foods like Chocolate or Donut Island. There are certain levels where Mario or Luigi can ride on Yoshi.

At the end of each level, each one of Bowser's seven Koopa kids is the boss. Some of their names were inspired by real life famous composers such as Ludwig Von Koopa being named after Ludwig Van Beethoven. Bowser is the final boss, and his dungeon is quite long and challenging to complete. After you defeat him, the credits scroll by.

In the Super Nintendo version, you could only save your progress when you beat the dungeons, panel rooms, and ghost houses. That can get pretty frustrating because if you get far in the game and lose your last life, then you have to start all over from the beginning or the last dungeon/ghost house/panel room you saved at.

Graphics - The graphics look amazing for a Super Nintendo game. All of the environments and backgrounds are bright and vividly colored. Everything looks sharp including the character sprites. In this version, Luigi looks exactly like Mario except his clothes are green and blue instead of red and blue. This is one of those games where Mario and Luigi actually look like "identical twins".
Die hard Mario fans will be disappointed to see that Luigi doesn't look unique from Mario at all.

Sound - The characters don't have any voices, so you won't hear Mario and Luigi saying "mamma mia". The music has percussions from Yoshi when you ride on him. The music is alright, but the boss theme dungeons can be annoying to listen to.

Game play - The controls are accurate and responsive.

Lasting appeal - There are over 70 levels to complete with alternate exits from the ghost houses, so the length of this game is pretty long. This game also comes with a two player mode where the first player is Mario and the second player is Luigi. You can also sacrifice some of your lives to the second player if you want. Unfortunately, you can only play as Mario in the single player mode.

I personally recommend the Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario World because you can save after each level you complete, Luigi looks unique, and can switch between Mario and Luigi anytime you want. The main downside is that game doesn't have any mutliplayer mode. Otherwise, this is a great game for the Super Nintendo and I still recommend it to all Mario fans.

The good - over 70 levels to complete, amazing graphics, controls are accurate and responsive, well implemented multiplayer mode

The bad - can only save your progress after completing, dungeons, ghost houses, and panel rooms which is frustrating if you keep on losing your last life, Luigi doesn't look unique from Mario and is only playable in the two player mode, dungeon theme music can get annoying to listen to

Presentation- 8
Graphics- 8
Sound - 8
Game play- 10
Lasting appeal - 9

Overall 8.6 out of 10 GameSpot score 8.5 out of 10