Super Mario World is probably the best Mario game ever, possibly overtaking SMB3.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4 SNES
Highs: Controls are excellent, level design is great, awesome music, secrets are very rewarding, good but short boss battles, has aged very nicely, a game that every SNES owner should have.

Lows: Annoying enemies, ridculous backtracking, mario feels a bit too heavy, can be frustrating on newcomers.

Verdict: This is the best Mario game, and not SMB3.

After 3 great adventures on the 8-bit monster machine, how would Nintendo keep things going? How would Miyamoto make a game to overtake the great Mario 3? With the release of the SNES coming, Nintendo needed another high quality Mario game to compete with big bad Sega and their mascot Sonic. So, Nintendo brought us a fully realized SEQUEL as a launch title for the SNES and it was a darn good launch title. That was Super Mario World, released in 1991 as as pack-in game for the 16-bit SNES. In SMW, you play as Mario, as he and his brand new dinosuar companion Yoshi, are on a mission to save Princess Peach again and save all of Yoshi's friends, restoring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom and Yoshi's Island once again. Playing Mario World is similar to it's NES predecessors, so you should have no problem getting used to the controls and gameplay. New items include a cape that allows you to fly in the air, and of course Mario's newest companion, Yoshi, who hides in an egg in an item box at the beginning of each stage. The controls are as good as the past 3 games on the NES if not better. There is also 1 spare item slot where you can store an extra power-up whenever you need it. There are so many secrets in this game that lead to hidden ghost houses, fortresses, and secret places where you can find more items. You can save your game each time you make it to a new world, or whenever you complete a ghost house, and you can complete the ghose house level to save again. The level design is fun and challenging, as it feels a ton more polished than SMB3. The boss battles are always fun and challenging, even though they are short. The music is also great too, as most of the tunes in this game are still used in future Mario games. Super Mario World is great, but not without problems. There are still lots of annoying enemies in the game like the Lakitus and piranha plants, as they can give you a run for your money at times. There is also a ton of backtracking, as it takes a while to get back to a certain stage you missed or a save point whenever you want to save your game. Mario still feels too heavy, as jumping over a huge game may seem like a tough task to many (lose some weight, Mario!!), and this game can be challenging on newcomers, as it is a old-school, hardcore Mario game as expected. It isn't impossible, but it isn't easy. Overall, SMW measures up pretty darn well. This game has held up very well after 22 years, and this game deserves a mention when it comes to discussing Mario's finest game. This is a game that each SNES owner should have, and it should be there by default! If you don't own this game, I pity you, and your friends. Luckily, this game is also on Game Boy Advance as part of the Mario Advance series, and is also on Wii Virtual Console too. You shouldn't miss out on a chance to play this classic. It can be found easily on Ebay and Amazon. You will have to pay a couple bucks for it, but not too much, as is is a very affordable game, seeing that it sold millions of copies. Pick this up whenever you can.